Entering the sauna, using the stove, exiting the sauna

  1. Place the placard on the door into correct position for other possible guests and staff.
  2. The light switch for the outer hall can be found on the right side from direction of entry.
  3. The left knob of the sauna stove sets the time. The heating time with the white arrow is around 2 hours.
  4. Shut down the stove as you leave, unless other guests are about to enter. Open the sauna’s door. Remove moisture from the floor. Clean up thrash. Close the doors to the dressing room.

General sauna guidelines

    • Start by cleaning yourself by using the shower
    • Sauna bench covers are available in the shower room.
    • Sit on the sauna benches as long as it feels good, enjoy yourself.
    • Start adding water carefully.
    • Cool down before overheating.
    • Wash yourself afterwards.
    • Remember to drink enough fluids.