Terms and Conditions

last update: 15.7.2019

0. Instructions, which aren’t otherwise mentioned elsewhere

1. Reservations, rental, cancellations

    • By making of reservation, these conditions and terms are fully accepted
    • No more people are allowed to use the apartment than reserved, unless agreed with the service provider
    • Bed linen set (including sheets, duvet cover,  pillow cover and towels) can be rented. The set isn’t included in normal reservation price.
    • Apartment rent includes furniture, utensils, pillow & blanket and energy for heating/utilities
    • Pets may be brought into the apartment for an extra charge (more wear and tear & extra cleaning). Additional damage caused by pets is charged from the reservee.

RESERVATIONS and PAYMENTS, which come into effect after the customer has placed the reservation:

    • The reservee must be over 18 years old and be a fully legal person.
    • Underage customers without a parent must deliver a written approval from a parent 3 days prior the reservation is scheduled to begin.
    • If reservation is more than 15 days away,  a 30% deposit of total price of the service is required to pay within 2 weeks.
    • A message about a late arrival must be delivered if possible
    • If a reservee modifies and reservation drastically (time/apartment/etc), it may be considered as a new reservation.
    • The service provider is allowed to charge 20€ for modifications more minor in their nature.


    • Unsuccessful payment isn’t a cancellation. Cancellation must be delivered preferably in written form to service provider.
    • Cancellations must be informed of as soon as possible.
    • Cancellation ought to be done always in written form to a number/address given by the service provider.

1.If cancelled prior to 15 days, the deposit is returned except a 30€ handling charge.

2. After 15 days, the deposit isn’t returned.  After 7 days, the whole sum isn’t returned unless the apartment is booked by an another customer.

    • If cancelled prior to scheluded checkin time, but due to circumstances as health or death (*), which has occurred to the reservee and his/her immediate family, the charges are refundable expect a 30€ handling charge .

* A written testimony from a e.g. a doctor must the delivered. A note about the event must be delivered as soon as possible.

* If checkin time has passed, charges are non-refundable.

    • In a case of an unsurpassable obstacle (force majeure), the service provider can cancel the reservation. In that scenario, the customer has a right for a full refund. Possible expenses due to the force majeure event aren’t covered by the service provider.
    • Service provided has right to cancel the reservation, if agreed upon payment transaction isn’t delivered in time.

2. Apartments and common areas

    • The apartment is available by default from 16:00 local time on checkin day until 12:00 local time on the checkout day.
    • Smoking is allowed only in outside areas and designated spots.
    • Rental charges cover full usage right of the apartment.
    • The common sauna is available for use in 1 hour segments. The reservations are made using the list located near the sauna. If the sauna and/or shower area is free 15 minutes past full hour, the reservation is considered to be cancelled. The in use/free-sign is encouraged to be used. The stove is shut down if no reservation exists for the next hour, and at end of the day.
    • The customer is responsible for cleaning the apartment and must clean it into a normal state after the visit.
    • An end-of-the-visit cleaning can be ordered during before the checkin time. Even in that case, the apartment condition must not differ from a normal living state.
    • Uncleaned and/or partially cleaned apartment warrant the service provider at least to a 200% cleaning charge.
    • The service provider isn’t responsible for effects of disapproved smoking (or similar) for the customers.
    • If a customer has neglected to use bed linen,  the reservee is sent a cleaning bill based on actual costs. Minimum charge is 100€
    • Indoor areas are forbidden to walked in damaging footwear such as ski boots.
    • If an apartment is left without supervision, all electrical devices must be switched off (or standby state if available).
    • Electrical devices without a CE-rating must not be inserted into electrical sockets. Also, if a governing agency such as Tukes has blacklisted (or stated it is dangerous) use of a device, insertion is unauthorised.

3. Bed linen and towels

4. Wireless local network

5. Sauna instructions

6. End-of-stay cleaning instructions

7. Additional guidance

    • Parking is accomplished according to available illustration(s), service provider instructions and common sense as not to obstruct traffic around the ring road. Emergency vehicles must always have easy access.
    • Tents, camper vans and camping trailers are forbidden unless given permission is given by the service provider.
    • Outdoor electrical sockets can only be used for maximum of 2 kW block heaters in addition to indoor heaters.
    • Due to high log/water consumption, customers’ own bathing gear are forbidden on the premises. Unauthorized use permits service provider to charge extra 250€.
    • The customer must inform the service provider/emergency services (and similar) as quickly as possible if a damage to assetts and/or people has/will/could occur(ed). The customer must also try to mitigate damage based on his/her abilities. The service provider must inform the customer in similar situations. 
    • The customer is responsible for required travelling documents such as passports, which must the recorded by the service provider according to law.
    • The traveller’s information card must be filled as required and left into the apartment.

8. Complaints, unruly behaviour, damage compensation

    • The customer must inform the service provider about flaws (or similar deficiencies) regarding service (accommodation and similar). In that case the situation may be improved quickly if possible.
    • Unless the customer informs about deficiencies between checkin and checkout times, possible refunds are not possible.
    • Unless a satisfying resolution is found during the visit, the customer may leave a written complaint within a week.
    • The service provider is eligible to cancel the reservation after a warning, if a customer disturbs anyone else’s peace/privacy (or similar). Cancellation can also be based on on disobeying rules of this document and/or service provider’s instructions.
    • The customer is responsible for costs of security services (and similar) they are called due to his/her behaviour.
    • The service provider isn’t eligible to refund harm/costs due to nature phenomena, wildlife, insects, 3rd party services (Internet, electricity, heating and so on) and similar.
    • The service provider isn’t responsible for damage/harm due to a force majeure event (or similar), which couldn’t have been prevented even by acting carefully.
    • The customer must follow service provider’s instructions and guidance at all times. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for harm caused to service provider and/or 3rd parties. 
    • If a customer doesn’t use the available services paid for, or uses them partially, refunds aren’t possible. 
    • A customer is responsible to cover damage/harm caused by him/her on the property (includes buildings, assets and similar).
      • If the person who caused the damage can’t be pointed out, the reservee is responsible. This is also the case when a 3rd party is a member of customer’s party.
    • The service provider isn’t responsible for customer’s possessions anywhere on the property.

9. Notes

    • Terms used in this document:
      • service provider: Hömäkkä Oy or it’s representative
      • reservee: the customer, who placed the reservation. Reservee = confimed customer/guest.
      • customer: the reservee and/or person in the same party as the reservee.